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Polly’s Pink Piggy Parlor,

shows how one determined piggy who knows her gift and calling, can soar in spite of what others may say.

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Lisa Vento Hainline Creative Designer  / Author / Illustrator / Portfolio Looking at the web page and broke out in tears! It is something to see a dream that God gave you come to life! Thank you for allowing God to use you.       																						Cheryl White     Author: G.A.P.P - God’s Appointed     Position in Prayer READ MORE TESTIMONIALS SKILLS - Digital Illustration & Composition PROJECT - Financial Branding I LOVED the finished work Lisa produced! Crisp, highly marketable, and done on time. A very pleasant Experience!         Virelle Kidder   																			Loving, Launching and Letting Go I want to commend you again on the beautiful job you’ve done! It’s amazing what can be done with a concept and God!                              Rickey Macklin     Author: Daddy’s Waiting on You Lisa Hainline’s designs were a God-send! She she encouraged me through each and every project with her uplifting spirit and desire to go beyond what was required.             Debbie Wilson      Author -  Sweet Scent of Justice SKILLS - Book Cover Design SKILLS - Book Cover REDESIGN PROJECT - Author Profile PUSH Campaign PROJECT - Marriage Ministry Campaign

IT’S HERE! The “Baby” was finally birthed and “Piggy went to market” this week!

Inspired by my daughter’s entrepreneurial spirit since the age of 6, Polly’s Pink Piggy Parlor was written 18 years ago with her in mind and was a labor of love. While the book had some interest from a few publishers, it was put on a shelf when more pressing (medical) matters caused life to run in a different direction but has now come to life, has been fully illustrated and is for sale on Amazon.

Read more here about this special and gifted piggy who pursued her dreams no matter what anybody said or thought. Polly’s Pink Piggy Parlor COLORING BOOK illustrates the story plus more pages for younger ages as well.



Once upon a time, there was a piggy...with a comb.

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